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D&E DJ Services Podcast

We Make The Music Special!


About The Owner

 I am Elwin Marlatt Certified DJ and MC. I worked as a DJ and MC many years ago. For about six years. Soon my family grew and became my main priority. Djing slowed down for me, but now I am back better than ever and ready to go full steam rocking it. Other stuff in my life includes my job. I work at Arnot Ogden Medical Center as a Biomedical Equipment Technician mainly fixing x-ray equipment. I have a lovely fiancee she is the D in D&E and we have Lexi 10 years old. I enjoy many other things as well camping, working on vehicles, motorcycles and much more to mention. I am focused on a mission and a vision for the business as of late and doing what I can to bring it back to reality! 

About The Company

 D&E DJ Services was founded by Elwin Marlatt in September 2020! The company is currently a single op DJ service. We will be starting a web documentary on youtube for everyone to watch, we currently have a blog and are on all social media profiles and we will be starting a podcast to follow our Youtube for all listeners. Stay tuned for a ton of content from us!

Our Mission

 Our Mission is to provide the greatest customer service we can possibly supply. So we can supply the greatest DJ experience you will ever have in your life! We make the Music Special for all your special occasions including your special day! 

Our Vision

 Our Vision is to become the best DJ Company in the area! We are looking to become a multi op and hire Dj’s to work for us as we get way more busy making the music special!